We Are Totally Normal (2020)

“An endearing, messy, and honest exploration of identity that reminds us that discovering who we aren’t is as important as discovering who we are.”

–Shaun David Hutchinson, author of Brave Face

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Nandan’s got a plan to make his junior year perfect. He’s going to make sure all the parties are chill, he’s going to smooth things over with his ex, and he’s going to help his friend Dave get into the popular crowd—whether Dave wants to or not. The high school social scene might be complicated, but Nandan is sure he’s cracked the code.

Then, one night after a party, Dave and Nandan hook up, which was not part of the plan—especially because Nandan has never been into guys. Still, Dave’s cool, and Nandan’s willing to give it a shot, even if that means everyone starts to see him differently.

But while Dave takes to their new relationship with ease, Nandan’s completely out of his depth. And the more his anxiety grows about what his sexuality means for himself, his friends, and his social life, the more he wonders whether he can just take it all back. But is breaking up with the only person who’s ever really gotten him worth feeling “normal” again?

From Rahul Kanakia comes a raw and deeply felt story about rejecting labels, seeking connection, and finding yourself. 


“Told through the eyes of one of the most endearing and real characters I’ve ever met, We Are Totally Normal is validating, entertaining, and filled with love.”

Kacen Callender, Stonewall award-winning author of This Is Kind of an Epic Love Story

“Nandan’s fresh perspective is a gift—I can’t wait for readers to experience it!”

M-E Girard, Lambda Literary Award-winning author of Girl Mans Up

“Raw, intimate, and unflinchingly honest, We Are Totally Normal fully embraces the messiness and unpredictability of the human heart.”

Laurie Elizabeth Flynn, author of FirstsLast Girl Lied To, and All Eyes on Her

“With its fast, dialogue-driven pacing, humor, and finger on the youthful pulse, this book will find an eager audience in queer and questioning teens, especially those of color.”


“A brilliant coming-of-age story. Every teen needs this book.”

Julian Winters, award-winning author of Running With Lions

“An engrossing and palpable story that is in no rush to have all the answers, and that’s totally normal.”

Sara Farizan, award-winning author of Tell Me Again How a Crush Should Feel

“Incisive, funny, and gloriously messy.”

Kelly Loy Gilbert, author of Picture Us in the Light

“A perfect story about the complications of sexuality and identity. I adored this book from beginning to end.”

Mason Deaver, author of I Wish You All the Best

“A fresh and rare exploration of sexuality, identity, friendship, and love.”

Mason Deaver, author of I Wish You All the Best
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