Could not possibly feel lazier this week

Can’t believe it’s already Thursday. I’ve been feeling so lazy. We’ve had workers in the house all week installing air conditioning. Yes, we’re fancy. Last summer there was a month when it was both fiendishly hot and really smoky, and I swore if we got through it then we’d get air conditioning. Anyway having people in the house sent the cat, dog, and baby into a tizzy, so had some managing to do.

Got my writing done. It’s going well, I think. Novels are a lot. They’re a lot to juggle. Lots of characters, moving pieces. I’m trying to do two things with this one: the first is to continually raise the tension, which basically involves making sure something actually happens in each chapter. And I’m trying to vary the locations too. It’s not entirely realistic: life is more like TV, where things happen in the same locations, over and over, than it is like a movie, where the locales change constantly. But on the other hand switching up locations really spices up the book and helps in the never-ending quest to provide varied images.

And…that’s what I have to say. I really have been so lazy. But the writing is continuing. It’s happening. I wish I could be more productive, I suppose but you’ve got to forgive yourself. And then I do also remember to enjoy the times the writing is going relatively well, because they don’t necessarily last.

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