Hello friends. Back in November, the fall back completely ruined our lives for a week. The baby woke up an hour early and was falling asleep really early too. In contrast, spring forward has been simple. We just wake up the baby at seven, and she’s sleepy enough to hit all her nap and night-time bed markers. But on the other hand I am also very sleepy all the time now. SIGH.

I feel as I’ve nothing special to report. Still working on the cynical guide. Revision also continuing apace on the literary novel. Have been rewriting my rewrite, which is something that often happens to me around the one quarter mark in a rewrite. Went back and decided to focus on the best-friend relationship and really get it going right. But I think something still isn’t working, so I might need to rewrite the rewrite of the rewrite. It’s a slow process! And it’s weird to not have that same fire–I need to get this out and find an agent! Now, when it’s closer to going out to publishers than it ever has been, I feel more afraid. Which isn’t that weird at all actually.

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