Going to do an ever-so-tiny bit of Renovation To the blog

This blog has been in business for more than twelve years now, and it's still going strong! Not a lot of blogs out there still actively detailing the writer's life, and I am proud of that. I'm going to be tweaking some of the pages over the next few weeks, make it a little more attractive. You might've already seen that I've updating my bibliography, adding sections for my poetry and non-fiction and moving those to a separate page. I also want to revise the "About Me" page so it's a little prettier. Maybe mess aroud with the theme and layout a bit, so people are able to delve into the archives if they want to.

I'm happy with the place! It's not setting the internet on fire. I have no idea how many readers it's got, but there is no way the number is higher than two thousand. Probably closer to a thousand, and most of those are on Facebook. But a thousand isn't bad. And there's lots of stuff out there for people to stumble upon. I know my MFA advice still strikes people as helpful. WHO KNOWS. You do your best.

Have been feeling super creative lately, and that extends to the blog. It's been a bit fallow this year, but the posting has ramped up in the last month, and my ambition is for next year to involve a better posting schedule.

I've recently gotten very into writing essays. I think this is a direct result of me starting to read all the book review journals and such. I am awful--no sooner do I start reading something than I start wanting to write it as well.