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I’ve sent out my sexy assassin book, Death Trap, and I feel good about it. The book is a bit of a pot-boiler, but I’ve always wanted to write a pot-boiler (a novel you write just to keep soup in the pot). Annoyingly, the book is actually less commercial than my literary novel, since it’s a bit trapped, like my protagonist, between the genres: too sexy to be marketed to a female audience, and too feminist to be marketed to a male one. So far I’m pitching it as KILLING EVE, but with the sly humor and international setting of MY SISTER, THE SERIAL KILLER. We will see what happens, but it was a good experience, and I really love the character of my lost-girl Gen Z sexy assassin. If nothing happens with the book, I’ll definitely self-publish it.

Not sure what to do next. Earlier in the year I wrote a book called The Cynical Writer’s Guide to the Publishing Industry, which is a really cynical take on, essentially, how to pitch your book so it sounds like a potential bestseller. The book is incredible. It has a really intimate, confessional voice, and although it is cynical about the industry, it remains idealistic about the power of the individual writer to capture some unique vision. It’s probably time for me to go through the whole rigamarole and edit it and release it, but I’ve never gone through the self-publishing process for a book that’s so long. It involves looking into covers and designing the book and all kinds of crap! Maybe I’ll release it under Rahul, so it won’t mess up my new name.

Dunno what else is in the cards for me. I’ve had some ideas, but nothing immediately compelling. In fact, I actually can’t remember what made me write the sexy assassin book in the first place? Maybe it was a joke? I really can’t remember. I need to think of another joke.

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