I’m now going by Naomi

Hey friends, you may have noticed a certain change in nomenclature on my social media pages. It’s in the title of the post: I’m going by Naomi now instead of Rahul. If you ever call me Rahul ever again you’re officially a bigot.

No I’m just kidding. Just don’t vote for Donald Trump. But also don’t call me Rahul.

Anyway, this is all part of my glacial transition. Covid hasn’t been the worst thing in the world; has really taking some of the pressure off. I feel good about the name, which I workshopped privately for a year. Sounds good and is recognizably female. I think it just took me all that time to get used, myself, to the idea of going by a new name (which is not at all required! Many women don’t change their names, particularly since most male Anglo names tend to become unisex after a generation or three).

It’s hot here. Very hot. My brain is melting. I have a cute baby.

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