ENTER TITLE HERE is on sale. If you love scheming teens and/or me, buy it on Amazon or B&N for $1.99

It goes without saying that Amazon is an evil corporation. And one of the evil things they do is use robots to do online price-matching with their competitor. Which is why when Barnes and Noble dropped the price of my book to $1.99 for their Cyber Monday sale, Amazon’s bots went ahead and quietly did the same.

I mean at least I assume that’s what happened. All I know is that my editor’s assistant emailed me a few days ago to say I was being included in a B&N promotion, and the next thing I know I’m being tagged by friends who’ve seen my book on Amazon for dirt cheap.

So if you read ebooks and you haven’t read mine, you should buy it! Or if you’re one of the few who still has a Nook, get it on B&N (I honestly think half the reason B&N does these sales is to fuck with Amazon). his book won’t be available at this price for much longer.


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  1. Yaboda Kominchatka

    Hey man,

    I grabbed a copy. Don’t know when I’ll be reading though.

    You should read “I am the cheese” by Robert Cormier – the best YA novel evaaaaaa

    1. R. H. Kanakia

      Thanks. I’ll put it on my list