I’ve just been so goddamn depressed about President Trump

Sorry my posting has been sporadic. I’ve just been so depressed about Trump. It’s really odd, I started off feeling relatively okay, and then I got more and more unhappy. My fiancé is out of town this weekend, and I was like I can’t be alone, so I made a spur of the moment trip to LA to see my old roommate, and now I’m here until Wednesday.

Ummmmmmmmmm I’ve been reading a bunch of Anthony Trollope. Right now I’m reading the fourth of his political novels, Phineas Redux, which is also a direct sequel to the second book, Phineas Finn. It’s nice to read about a political system that is genteel and functions relatively well, although it’s hard for me to believe that the running of the effing British Empire could’ve possibly been as smooth and genteel as is portrayed here. I mean, one of these parties, the Tory party, wasn’t even legal in the UK until pretty late in the 18th century. Surely there’s gotta be a hangover from that shit.


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  1. davidperlmutter1

    Wait until he gets into office and starts screwing up. Then, all of us who dislike him can start saying “I told you so”. That should be cathartic enough to get you out of this.