Revising continues apace

Yes I am continuing to revise Tell Em They’re Amazing. I continue to feel very good about it. Each revision so far has been structural; the storyline and character arcs have gotten much sharper in each. Writing this book has been seriously difficult. Unbelievably difficult, in some respects. It’s still recognizably the same book as the first draft: same voice, same characters, same basic storyline, and a few of the same scenes. But the plot has become much simpler (and more comprehensible–in early drafts it was all-over-the-place, like a Shakespeare plot) and each character’s story has also been simplified. Generally it’s not good when writing a book to think “Could you film this?” because books are very different from movies. But in this book I have on occasion thought to myself, “Let’s say all I could do is show what the character is doing, without any internal monologue. Could I do it? Could I tell a comprehensible story? What scenes do I need in order to establish motivation? What are the minimum number of scenes needed to nail down every piece of their plot and their character arc?” And to be honest it’s helped a lot. If there’s one thing the movies have to teach the novel-writing world, it’s the importance of structure.

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