Feeling a tiny bit on edge about this novel revision

My revisions are going really well. Yesterday I reread the opening and was like, "Yep, this has soul." Which is to say I feel very good about the book.

But I also feel a little stressed. I know this is the last revision before I send it to my agent, and I know I want to send it out in two weeks. There's still a lot to do. All very achievable stuff, of course, but a lot.

I think the problem is that writing a novel isn't something you can just sit down and do (no matter how much some people might like to pretend otherwise). When you're creating something that's original, you need to think, and you need to listen to yourself. It doesn't happen automatically. Almost every time when I've had reluctance to write some part of this book, I've put it down for the day and, like magic, within a day I'll have an insight that'll dramatically change what I would've written. And without fail I am happy that I didn't just bull through the point of resistance.

Because resistance tells you something. Or rather it tells me something. It tells me that the logic of the story is snarled somewhere, because if it wasn't, the next part of it would be clear to me.

However it can be hard to trust in that. And it can be very hard to sit back and wait for the answer when you really really really want to be finished.