Writing is going well

Am still in the DC area, making my public appearances. If you know me, the best ones to come to are probably Arlington Central Library, on Wednesday at 6 PM, or the Bethesda Barnes and Noble, at 2 PM on Saturday.

Have also begun  in earnest on the latest round of revisions for Tell Em They’re Amazing. I think I’m satisfied with them. It’s a pretty big revision, but it’s also very doable. It’ll involve writing two new intro chapters (which I’ve just done) and then considerable alterations to the next 50,000 words, and then a completely new third act. But in the end I think I’ll have something I can be proud of. It’s been a long road for this book, and I think the road will be longer still (after this round I’m going to send it to my agent, and that doesn’t even begin to account for whatever revisions my editor would want). It can get a bit discouraging sometimes. Even after all this work, the book might never see the light of day. And even if it does, I am nowhere near the end of the process.

But it’s good to have something to work on.

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