Still not feeling very good

Just the midsummer blahs, I guess. Is that a thing? I actually don’t think it’s a thing. Once though I went through and compiled a bunch of graphs in which I attempted to find patterns in my moods (using things like word count / blog posting frequency, etc as proxies for happiness) and I do remember that there was usually a dip in the middle of the summer. So maybe it is a thing. I do not know.

Still trying to rewrite this middle grade novel, but it is not easy. I think I’m feeling a bit of a comedown from working on my young adult book, Tell Em They’re Amazing, because, although it had its problems, I at least liked the main character and knew, on some level, what to do. That was a good four months of feeling like I was making solid progress in my writing.

Now with this MG novel I’m back to zero. I feel completely lost. I wrote the first draft two years ago. Since then it’s been through so many revisions. I feel like I’ve lost sight of what, if anything, really interested me about the book, and now I’ve no idea where to go with it. I feel tempted to just give up, but I also know that something about this story compels me. I just need to find that thing.

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