I am _killing_ it with the guest blog posts nowadays

I’ve got several coming up in the next week. I have on on YA Buccaneers on August 10th that’s gonna be pretty good. And one coming out on Sunday that’s also gonna be pretty rad. Just saying. They’ve been good. Makes me want to guest post places more often. Unfortunately that means I’ve been ignoring this blog. Sad face.

Being a debut author has been good. It’s involved far too much self-googling on my part, though. It’s been great to have my friends and family read my book and tell me how great it is (back pats all around). And since I obviously have many friends in the YA book reading and writing and blogging communities, it’s not like I can’t say these people are in my normal audience. But I also want evidence that strangers are reading the book! So I’ve been googling myself like every hour. It’s not healthy.

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  1. Ba

    Congratulations-I am gonna read it some day.