A week of sketchy blog entries


Let’s see: I’m currently listening to I’m Thinking Of Ending Things by Ian Reid. I’m about 45 minutes from the end, and I still have no idea what to make of this book. It’s about a woman who’s going with her boyfriend to visit his parents on their isolated farm. They’re in that period, a few months into a relationship, where you wonder, “Is this it? Are we really going to put more effort into this?” This woman has decided the answer is probably, ‘No.’ She’s not in love with him. She’s thinking of ending things.

But weird stuff has also been happening. A strange man has been calling her up and leaving messages. Her boyfriend’s mother is hearing voices. There are some other mildly odd occurrences. And interspersed are flash forwards to two unidentified people talking about some horrific crime that might have involved this woman and her boyfriend. At the same time, the woman has a bunch of conversations with her boyfriend about existential shit, and at times she feels very fond of him. Then some weird scary stuff happens. But I still have no idea what I am listening to! Is this supernatural horror or not? I do not know.

And I also don’t care. There is something very charming and compelling about this woman’s conundrum. Should she end things? Is this worth pursuing? And the pacing is exquisite. You’re always waiting for the other shoe to drop. It reminded me in many ways of The House of Leaves, but ultimately this book is a lot easier to follow (it’s also much shorter). I highly recommend it.

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