Writing still going pretty well 

I wrote five thousand words today and am up to forty thousand words. More than half done. I think I’m probably actually going to finish? The book also has a new working title. Now it’s called TELL EM THEY’RE AMAZING. 

I’m actually really liking this book. Like the best of my work (and unlike the worst of it), this one has a strong voice. I find myself reading it aloud to myself as I write, which is always a good sign. I dunno! I’ve just got a good feeling! And this is a book I almost abandoned a month ago, after writing the first chapter and deciding it was only so-so. 

We will see. We will see. Always hard to deal with the sheer amount of time involved in this process. I’ll maybe finish this book by the end of May. Then between revisions and whatnot, I don’t know. Who knows. Earliest it comes out is 2018, I bet. And maybe it’ll never come out. Little known fact: ENTER TITLE HERE was my fourth novel; this one will be my tenth!!! What happened to the five novels in between? Well, you’re not reading them are you? It’s crazy to me how steep the learning curve in this business has been. And once you publish a book, you have to start doing all your learning in public. It’s madness. It really is madness. 

Anyway, I’m liking this residency thing a lot. Very easy to get to work. Am liking the people as well. Kind of wish I was here another two weeks (I leave on the tenth) so I could just power through and finish this thing. But whatever. I guess I can do it at home. 

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