I’m learning about clothes!

What you may (or, more probably, may not) know about me is that I’m very into the words for clothes. There’s such a vocabulary there. And it’s so specific. For years I’ve searched for some kind of fashion dictionary that would lay everything out really neatly, but then I realized that this dictionary already exists, and it’s called Pinterest!

I joined Pinterest many a year ago, when I was like, well, might as well. And I immediately was turned off by it, because I was like, “Err, I’m not interested in cakes or dresses, so why would I be on here.”

Welp, now I am into dresses, and it’s proven to be perfect. I already have a “Learning about clothes” pinboard that’s full of helpful diagrams. And I have a “Cute Dresses” pinboard where I hunt down examples of the stuff I see both in diagrams and in the wild. It’s pretty awesome. And, I can’t help but feel, will be useful in writing YA novels.

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