Saw the new Richard Linklater movie

Saw that new Richard Linklater movie EVERYBODY WANTS SOME!! and it was great! The characters were so sharply defined, and I loved the crispness and specificity of their actions (And one of the guys looks, sounds, and acts exactly like Christian McKay Heidicker so there's that too).

But I've never seen more people walk out of a movie theater! At least a dozen people left, never to return. Male and female people of all ages. A steady stream heading for the door.

I can kind of understand it, because the movie had very little story, conflict, or character development. It was just a series of scenes of these guys in a college baseball team trying, mostly successfully, to pick up girls. I honestly don't understand why I was able not just to tolerate but to actually enjoy this film. It was just fun, you know? Like watching a series of comedic sketches that all have the same characters. And the soundtrack was pretty good as well.