Just finished reading FIRST BLOOD

It was exactly what you’d expect. Jut Rambo being all Rambo in the mountains of Kentucky. But I did appreciate it for its clear and pure structure. Everything was exactly right. What I especially liked was that Teasle, the sheriff, was so clearly inferior to Rambo. Oftentimes you have to make the antagonist just as cunning and inventive as the hero, which is great and all, but it kind of reduces your appreciation for the hero’s talents. In this case, Teasle had all the equipment and the people, but he, personally, wasn’t quite up to Rambo’s level. As such, part of the process of reading the book was simply seeing Teasle come up to speed and try to grapple with a superior opponent. In this was, the book did the neat trick of making you invested in both sides. With Rambo, you kept wondering what fiendish trick he was gonna pull next, and with Teasle you kept wondering how or whether he was gonna manage to keep up.

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