Finally completed my years-long task of adding descriptive variables to the list of all the books I’ve read

These statistics represent pretty much every book I’ve read since January 1, 2009. There are numerous idiosyncrasies in this data. For instance, for awhile I marked magazines, but then I stopped. Other notes:

“Female” is, obviously, to the best of knowledge–I don’t know how the authors identify. The table on ‘identity’ is also pretty inaccurate, especially for queer writers, since sometimes I forget or don’t know that writers are queer. And, obviously, people can be queer and something else, and when there was ‘something else’ I normally marked that. For instance, I marked Oscar Wilde as Irish rather than as Queer.

Each table is divided into two areas. The first two columns are the total number of books that fit into this category and the percentage that represents out of the total number of books I’ve read. The second two columns represent just those statistics for this year. I include the second set since sometimes the two vary significantly. For instance, I’ve read way more female authors this year than is typical.

Gender In Translation Period Identity Genre

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