I like to think that social media wise I’m on a slow burn

Been thinking all week of ways to scam up some more fans, some more interest in my mailing list. None of this makes or breaks a book, of course. They’re printing an ungodly number of copies of my book–people who personally know me or follow me are not going to account for even a fraction of sales. But it’s still good to: a) feel like I’m doing something; and b) have a core of people who’re excited about my career and will build buzz for my releases. So I scheme.

I’ve been doing this blog since 2008, and it’s never become a massive hit. But I like it. It gets 3k unique monthly visitors. It’s got some readers. I like to think that it’s a slow burn! Not necessarily the kind of blog that will be the most-read on the net. But it’s something, at least. 

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