Published a story at Nature–“Corridors”–and wrote an emotional blog post about its genesis

My Nature story, “Corridors,” just went live:

You live in a city that is a planet. Humanity has reached its full maturity. The Galaxy is empty. The Galaxy is full. Your life is built atop a trillion tonnes of steel that your forefathers pulled from the core of planets that are now black and empty.

And what ALSO went live is a companion blog post that I wrote, which is, for some reason, WAY more personally revealing than I usually am online:

When I wrote Corridors, I was feeling very, very lonely. It seemed to me that I’d spent my whole life trying to find romantic love, and that there wasn’t a single person in the world who was willing to take a chance on loving me. Intellectually, I knew that wasn’t true. If someone could fall in love with Charles Manson, then someone could fall in love with me. But that intellectual belief didn’t help matters. The whole concept of love seemed so chancy and random: you just pick one person? And they pick you? Really?

Also, thank you whoever has been cross-posting my stuff to Reddit! This old, old blog post just got a bunch of hits yesterday. It reminded me that I DO have a massive archive in this blog, and that I really need to think about how to make those old posts alive again.

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