COVER REVEAL for my debut! (or, no, I have not forgotten you, my dear blog readers)

By now, my cover should’ve appeared on every other social media outlet in which I’m active…except for this one! Here it is. It was designed by Maria Elias over at Hyperion Teens. I love what she’s done with it. I think it highlights the playfulness of the book, which is not something that’s necessarily come through before now in the way I’ve spoken about it.


The book is done. It is copy-edited. It is being bound and advance reader copies are being printed up. It’s a little crazy, considering the book still has literally one year before it will come out. Seriously: ONE MORE YEAR!!!!

Which leads me to consider: what is the point of this cover reveal? Why am I trying to generate excitement for this book when it’s entirely likely that the excitement will have dissipated by next August? Which is why there is a final part of this reveal! Tomorrow, on my email list–you know, the one that I almost never email to–I’m going to reveal the back cover and inside flaps of my galleys! This is basically the whole package: what the book is going to look like on the shelves. It also contains some very good promotional copy and some well-chosen excerpts. And, most importantly, it’s available nowhere else.

So if you want to see that stuff, you could, I dunno, maybe sign up right now for my email list? I don’t email it very often (less than once per month), and my plan is to send it all kinds of things that will never be released online. You know, stuff that might perhaps be too sensitive or rights-bound to be published openly on the internet…

To sign up, just go to the following link!

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