Had a really good day of writing today!

Finished the revision of my proposal for my second YA novel! Didn’t send it out, though, since I’ve learned that nothing you send on Friday afternoon will get seen anyway until Monday, so I might as well sit on it for a few days and look it over later.

Additionally, I also went ahead and harvested every novel idea I’ve ever seriously pursued (including a few that were just one-liners) and tried to use my newfound understand of motivation and objective to see what was wrong with them. And, in many cases, I successfully diagnosed the problem!!!

I was truly amazed. It’s been an awesome day. With this new framework (which I am sure I will post someday, after I’ve done a few more robustness tests), it’s so much easier for me to look at a story idea and immediately evaluate: “Does this have legs? And if so, what’s the real story here?”

So happy about this. I really feel re-energized and ready to write many more novels in my life.

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