Got the page proofs of my book! They are absolutely gorgeous

I just got the page proofs of my book. They’re absolutely gorgeous. I’ve never seen anything like them. Huge kudos to the book designer on this one! The handling of text messages is like nothing else I’ve ever seen: they actually look like text conversations (with little bubbles that are on either the left or right) and reading them is very intuitive. I’ve seen what will, most likely, be the final cover, too, and it’s also wonderful. And did I mention the flap copy and dust jacket copy are also extremely compelling? I’m obviously biased, since it’s my book, but, actually, you know what? I’m not biased: authors are often very dissatisfied with what their cover designers and book designers and copy writers are up to–I think there’s an inherent dissatisfaction that often comes with handling over control of the look and feel of the book to people for whom this is just one of many projects. I, on the other hand, could not be happier. IMG_0723

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