The top seven things I’ve learned at the Launchpad Astronomy workshop

1. Isaac Newton was hot.
2. Dolphins only have sex in threesomes.
3. Wombat poop is cubic.
4. Babies’ eye color often changes within a year of their birth (pretty sure this only happens to white babies, right? I’m sorry…babies of whiteness).
5. Within the next two hundred thousand years, the sun will brighten and the oceans will boil [citation needed].
6. Not only is every dorm at the University of Wyoming dry, but RAs do hall checks 3x nightly (and room checks once per quarter) to make sure you’re not drinking! They even do this for us!
7. There are a shockingly large number of Indian students at the University of Wyoming (including some who actually came here from India)
And also some stuff about black holes and spectra and neutron stars and supernovae and the planets and orbits and how to get from one planet to the next and all kinds of shit like that.

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