This is now, I think, the fourth time that my editors have sent a draft to me? And each time it's come with twice as many comments (478 in this word doc!) and entailed about half as much work as the previous pass (which is reflected in the steadily-decreasing deadlines). I went from two months, to a month, to less than a month, and, now, with this version I've been given about nine days.

Shouldn't be a problem, though! I've only glanced through the copy edits, but they seem like good stuff. I'm sure there are plenty of things I'll be stetting, but I'm also happy that someone out there is looking out to make sure that things are consistent and everything makes sense (once good catch--the copy editor noticed that the 'fake' company website I'd used in the story was actually a real website).

I also get to write the dedication and the acknowledgments! Fun! I know who I'll dedicate my book to (for a debut author who is unmarried and didn't have a terrible home life, there's really only one option), but I'm not sure about the acknowledgments. Part of me is tempted to go whole hog and acknowledge every single person who's ever meant anything to me, but I think I'll end up being more restrained and just acknowledging those who personally contributed to this book and to my journey as a debut author.