Gonna be in Wyoming for roughly the next week

I am not gonna go completely dark, but my blog will be pretty substance free for the next ten days. 

My substance free thought for today is that I really like having both a kindle and the kindle app on my iPhone. The syncing isn’t quite as seamless as I’d want, but it works pretty well, and I use the devices for different situations. Before I got the iPhone 6, I’d take my kindle everywhere with me. Now, though, the iPhone 6’s big screen makes it, for some reason, a bit more comfortable for me to read on, so I largely leave the kindle at home and just use my iPhone for the short bursts of reading I do when elsewhere. However, the lack of distractions on the kindle, and it’s easy-on-the-eyes eInk screen, still mean it’s my first choice for the serious reading that I do at home. 

Also, the fact that I have both devices reduces my worry that my kindle will break while I am on a trip, leaving me book less (as once happened to me on a flight back from the Philippines). Before, I always made sure to carry at least one paper book. Now though, I don’t bother. 

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