Been reading this book, THE GEOGRAPHY OF YOU AND ME

There is a lot of YA romance. It doesn’t really get much respect (unless a man writes it, as with THE FAULT IN OUR STARS). I haven’t read very much of it, because, as I said in a previous post, I don’t know much about the romance genre. However, a few weeks ago I saw that this Jennifer E. Smith novel was on sale for $2.99 and I bought it.

The book is fantastic! The premise is unbelievably simple. Two kids meet in New York one day and experience a romantic connection. Then they both have to move. They try to keep in touch, but they just keep getting further and further apart (on a physical level). Will they overcome the distance? Or will they do the sensible thing and drift apart? I don’t know the reading codes of the YA romance genre very well, but I’m gonna guess they make it.

I just really like this. I want to write one of these. In fact, I DID (almost) write one of these. My first book, This Beautiful Fever was a dystopian, but its core was a romance plot. Unfortunately, they did not get together at the end. Someday, though, I’ll write a real one. Okay, that’s it for this blog entry. Sorry, my concentration has been shot lately. Oh well, high points and low points, right?

Oh, I revised and submitted three stories in the last two days! My short story output is way up in the last few months. It’s pretty amazing. Two of these first drafts were hand-written, too, which I think is a very good effect.

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