Feeling relatively (though not incredibly) on top of things right now

Sent my book back to my editor, and I think she’s going to send it to the copy editor in the next few days. That means that in terms of substantive changes, the book is pretty much set. Additionally, after some back-and-forth, its title is also set. For this book, the title was one of the very last things I decided upon before sending it to my agent, but I always thought Enter Title Here was fun and striking and absolutely perfect (my only concern is that maybe it would be confusing for booksellers and computer systems). My publisher considered changing it, but in the end we stuck with ETH, so woohoo!

I also turned in a pretty substantial consulting assignment (though I immediately got more to do). And I feel good about that as well.

I wish I could plunge right back into my novel-type stuff now, but around three months ago I committed to writing a story for an anthology and now I have to actually write the stupid thing. Boo. So I guess that’s what I’ll be doing for the next week.

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