Was so much less productive today than I wanted to be

The good news is that my three-track system, wherein I set daily goals for time spent writing new words, revising old words, and working on freelance jobs, seems to be working alright. At least it helps me remember that I ought to be doing all three things. However, I was so much less productive today than I wanted to be. Right now I’m going through the line edits on my book, and I have to return the manuscript by May 6th. Which is something I can do, definitely. But I would also like to go through the book line by line and make sure each sentence is doing what it should be doing. But I don’t know how well I’m going to be able to do that =/

Ear ache is bogging me down. It’s been WEEKS of this now. I emailed my doctor to figure out what else I could try, but in the meantime I thought maybe it’s seasonal allergies, so I’ve purchased some generic Claritin, and I’m hoping that’ll fix things.

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  1. Terra

    If there’s a mystery to the cause of your ongoing earache, consider consulting your dentist. I had a long-running earache that turned out to be due to impacted wisdom teeth causing problems with my upper molars, the roots of which extend to touch the sinus cavity.

    Not only did fixing the tooth resolve the earache, but the novocaine injection into the gum surrounding the tooth caused the earache to miraculously and instantly vanish, and it did NOT return when the novocaine wore off. I guess it was nerve pain?

    In any case, you have my sympathy. Earaches suck.

    1. R. H. Kanakia

      Oh thanks! Yes, I need to schedule a dentists appointment anyway and when I’m there I’ll ask him about this.