Interesting reading phenomenon today.

Was reading Console Wars, which is a nonfiction book about Sega’s attempt to challenge Nintendo’s dominance of the video game industry (even writing that sentence feels funny now, in a world where one company has declined significantly and the other doesn’t even make consoles anymore), and I wasn’t really into the book. I mean, I kept reading, but I was just sort of reading because I was slightly more interested in it than I was interested in not reading it.

However, when I went looking for other books to read, I found that most of them were actively dull and detestable to me. I simply couldn’t read even three pages of them. I was in despair, wondering how I was ever going to find a book to read, and then I was like, wait. I wasn’t having this problem with Console Wars. I wasn’t into it, necessarily, but I also wasn’t not into it. So I went back to it and I’ve been reading it, off and on, for most of the day. It’s not a bad book, I think I’m just tired and not really in the sort of headspace where I can hugely enjoy a book. It’s good to recognize, though, that sometimes you’re just not gonna have a peak reading experience. I think Console Wars is probably a pretty good book (although some of the dialogue is extremely awkward) and that on another day, I’d be gripped. But it’s equally good to have a book that can divert me on a day when not much else would really be capable of holding my attention.

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