Ermagerd, my ears are still hurting, so I’ll leave you with one of our nation’s finest anthems

On Twitter the other day I was talking about how much I love the video for “The Boys of Fall,” Kenny Chesney’s high school football anthem. I kind of get emotional whenever the song comes on the radio, but I find the video to be extremely affecting. And fellow country music enthusiast (and children’s lit writer with the same agent as me) Michelle Modesto refused to believe that I was serious!

Yes, admittedly, high school football is silly and frivolous and probably even quite injurious to the health of both its participants and the nation as a whole. Nonetheless, the SONG is about real sentiments that most of America does, to some degree, feel. It’s kind of like how we can read and write all these books about teenagers falling in love, and even though we know that, by and large, this love is doomed, we can still feel ourselves touched by it. Because even if the love is impermanent (and, dare I say, a little silly), the EMOTIONS are very real.

Also, since today is a day for frivolous things, I’m lodging another call for people to join my email list, The Rahuligans. The email volume is very low (I don’t think I’ve sent out one yet). But people say that email lists are the best marketing tool you can use. It’s permission marketing. By signing up to my email list, you sort of align yourself with me and develop a one-to-one relationship with me that will come in really handy later on when I’m trying to sell you stuff!

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