Ugh, what am I supposed to be doing right now again?

I swear, I am the worst reviser ever. Like, I just look at whatever I’ve written and am like, “Yep! This is amazing! Better send it out!”

I had budgeted this time, this month, for revising the MG novel I wrote last summer, but I just read through it and I’m like, “Yep! This is pretty good!”

I’ll send it out to beta readers and get more feedback, but that’ll take a month or so.

I can’t start work on my next YA novel because I haven’t heard about the proposal. And there’s nothing left to do with Enter Title Here until I get the next round of edits. So…yeah, not much. I guess I could brainstorm some more ideas for a novel-for-adults. Or try to write some short stories or something. It’s the age-old writer’s lament. There are not enough events. Not enough things happening. One is almost tempted to say that the writer’s life is a bit boring…

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