Recently culled my list of blogs

Amy wrote today about how she doesn’t read as many blogs anymore. Which resonated with me, because I recently went through my RSS reader and deleted the feeds of all the blogs that I don’t actually read. But when I did so, I realized that ‘blogs I don’t read’ is a category that’s comprised of two sorts of blogs. The first are the blogs I don’t read because they bore me. Note, in many cases, these blogs aren’t boring. They’re just boring to me. Oftentimes, they were the blogs of authors whose work I enjoyed or they’re blogs that had a certain artiness to them that somehow appealed to me. But, for whatever reason, the content wasn’t there, and I let them limp on in my RSS feed year after year, without doing more than scanning them.

The second kind of blog were the blogs that I did enjoy, but which update way too fast for me to keep up with. This latter category includes Omnivoracious, the Wired magazine science blog, and the Guardian’s book blog (which is my favorite blog of all).

Anyway, I finally settled this latter problem by grouping my blogs into just two categories: fast and slow. Most of my friends and fellow authors are in the ‘slow’ category. They update 1-2 times per day at max, and I’m able to take them when I scroll through the whole ‘slow’ feed at once. The fast feed, on the other hand, is sort of a purgatory. I only dip into it occasionally, when I have time.

I think it’s a good compromise. Before, I divided my blogs into topical groups like “Authors” or “Editors” or “Political,” which was stupid, because it didn’t help me actually read them. It’s not like I’m sometimes in the mood for “Authors” and sometimes in the mood for “Politics.” No. I’m always in the mood for “Interesting things,” and really the only thing that matters is “Is this interesting?”

Actually, I guess I ended up unintentionally duplicating the design of the social network Ello, in that my RSS reader now has one column that I peruse closely and one column that I scan quickly.

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