Read some fantastic books lately; too many to post about

And I’m too tired to post about them all, too. But one of the better ones was Robert Akeret’s The Travelling Couch. It’s a memoir by a 65-year-old psychotherapist who looked back on his life and wondered whether his therapy had actually accomplished anything. So he decides to revisit some of what he considered to be his most notable “successes” and see how their lives had turned out.

And…the result is actually fantastically complex. It goes way beyond “cured” or “happy” or “content.” This book is all about the amazing complexity of a human life. People came to him in some twisted, crazy situations, and in some cases he worked part of the way through those situations with them, but…then they went off and lived the whole rest of their lives! And more things happened! And their issues came back! And they had to struggle with them again! And sometimes they were happy! And sometimes they were sad! And some of them were never happy, but they did do what they wanted to do with their lives! And some became mostly happy, but had a little hint of craziness still lurking in the background. Really an unforgettable book.

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