Started actually using Tumblr

My friend (and recent guest poster) gave me some advice on how to go about following people on Tumblr. I took the advice, and subsequently the whole social network has become slightly more fun for me. Tumblr is a weird thing. I have no idea who the people I follow are. It’s kind of an internet throwback in that way: it feels much more like myspace or livejournal. Whereas on Twitter–my other big social network for talking to strangers–most people feel like they’re pretty well-attached to a real identity of some sort. Anyway, if you want to follow me on Tumblr, I’m rahkan.tumblr.com. I cross-post the blog there, but I do also post slightly different content than what I put on FB and Twitter. Actually, I’ve gotten pretty good nowadays about diversifying. All the social networks are good for slightly different things. Twitter, for instance, is good for talking about country music with an audience of people who largely (except for Tess Sharpe and Michelle Modesto) don’t care at all. And Facebook is good for complaining about silly Bay Area stuff (since I assume that all of my FB friends are either in the Bay Area or are somewhat interested in what goes on there). And on Tumblr most of my original content is quotes from whatever I’m reading. You see, the whole internet is just an interlocking set of systems for broadcasting my thoughts.

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