Ummm, I had a good idea for a blog post, but then I forgot it

Sometimes I think that this blog is stagnating a bit. Its readership figures, while still healthy, are definitely down from their peaks earlier in this year (April/May). However, I still feel like I’ve got plenty of things to say! But then I frequently don’t say them. Partly that’s because the blog is my lowest priority, so I’m always writing these entries at midnight, when my mind is not at its best.

Anyway, I will soldier on.

I think that some writers maintain blogs so that they can publicize their books. I, on the other hand, write books so that they can publicize my blog. In my mind, Disney is just going to be printing up 10,000 advertisements for my blog and shipping them into stores across the nation. Which is to say, I’m hoping that blog readership will pick up a bit after my book comes out. Really, the release of my book will usher in an era of sunshine and fairies, where all our ills can be cured through the power of song.

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