Watched Django Unchained

What a looooooooooong, baggy movie. So unstructured. Basically just things happening. The entire first third of the movie is the bounty hunter Christoph Waltz and the newly-freed slave Jame Foxx are hunting down some three random guys who are pretty irrelevant to the main story. Pretty good movie, though, and there was something really fun and exuberant about it. So, in a way, I did enjoy its lack of structure. And not having a traditional structure and traditional plot does allow for some interesting effects. For instance, I thought the relationship between Leonardo DiCaprio (the evil slaveowner) and Jamie Foxx and Christoph Waltz was made pretty fascinating by all the stopping and starting and stuttering within the plot. You were never quite sure how dangerous Leonardo was. And, in the end, he turns out to be both far more and far less dangerous than you’d imagine.

I don’t know. I’ve been watching lots of movies lately, after having zero patience with them for years. It’s a major change. Not sure what accounts for it. I’ve also had less attention span for books. Ehh, these things are cyclical.

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