Spending my first night in my new room

Welp, I’m not fully settled in, but I have purchased a bed and a lamp and some new sheets. And I have acquired the wireless password from my landlord. If this was four years ago, this would be enough: I’d just live like this for the next year or so.

However, since I’m actually settling in a bit more than that. I’m actually buying a couch! And it’s not from IKEA! I know. Insane.

I’m glad to have a place again. My time in New Orleans was actually not particularly dislocating. Since I thought I’d be staying indefinitely, I immediately settled in and developed a routine. I even wrote an entire novel while I was there! I keep forgetting about that: lately I’ve been castigating myself for my lack of productivity…but three weeks ago I wrote an entire novel.

However, these last three weeks have been pretty brutal. I left New Orleans on, I believe, the 3rd (to attend a wedding in Detroit). And since then I haven’t really had a home.

I came to the conclusion today that I think I’m going to try to stay put for the next three months. I’m tired of trips. I’m tired of moving around. I want to put my head down and get back into routine and just put in three solid months of work. Otherwise it’s too easy to get my head turned around and make all kinds of plans and fritter away my energies on this and that

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