Used to think it was a boast when people said that they weren’t capable of sleeping late

But it’s not. It’s so not a boast. It’s a complaint.

I stayed up a bit late on Sunday night, intending to make up for it by sleeping two hours later on Monday morning (at 7 AM instead of 9 AM). But I woke up at 7 AM anyway, and I immediately knew that there was no going back to sleep. God, it was the worst.

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  1. Sonia Lal

    I been there. I am tired, exhausted – and unable to sleep.

  2. Terra

    Yup. This is a problem I have regularly. It’s some kind of early morning insomnia, for me, I think. I usually wake between 4:30 and 7, and it’s almost impossible for me to sleep later, even if I stay up super late.

    This is a Special Kind of Hell at cons, because of the parties. At home, i can go to sleep earlier to compensate. At conventions, I can either miss out on the parties, or face severe sleep dep until I start suffering what I call Cranky Toddler Syndrome and have to crash/nap through part of day. It sucks.

    1. R. H. Kanakia

      That sounds like the absolute worst. I can usually manage to sleep late if I’m rrrrreally sleep-deprived.

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