Done working on ENTER TITLE HERE

Done. Done. Done. Done.

Tweaked a few scenes, changed a few transitions, reworked some awkward stuff. Oh, and I also added a sex scene. Yes, that’s not a comment I ever thought my agent would make on my young adult novel: “Instead of fading to black, there should be a sex scene here.”

That was honestly the part that I spent the most time working on. I know that teens have sex, but I, personally, never had sex while I was a teen. I didn’t even really have sex in college. But whatever. It’s not a real sex scene, actually–I just fade to black at a slightly later point in the scene.

But anyway, the long and short of it is that I am done working on this thing. If some common thread arises from the editorial rejections, then I might revise in response to that. And if it gets purchased, I will undoubtedly have to do tons of revisions. But, in some weird proximate fashion, I am done with this thing.

Now it belongs to the ages.

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