Not in love with straight women making fun of Grindr

Cannot believe how perfect this image is.
Cannot believe how perfect this image is.

Recently, a bunch of articles where women sort of poke fun at the way people behave on Grindr (a smartphone app that connects queer men who are physically close to each other at that moment).

I’m sure there are queer people who’ve linked to these articles and found them amusing. In fact, my boyfriend told me that the ‘straight women read Grindr messages aloud one’ was quite funny, so I obviously don’t speak for all queer men, but I do speak for myself, and I have to say: I don’t really find these articles to be amusing. In fact, they feel a little condescending to me. Like…women can get away with making fun of men’s foibles because they are, in many ways, bound by those foibles. But Grindr is something that actually has nothing to do with women or with their expectations, and I don’t see why they have a right to comment upon it. Or even if they do, I’m not really amused by articles that amount to: “When we judge this behavior according to our own dating standards, it seems quite ridiculous.”

Because my natural response is…well…who asked you?


P.S. Actually, I wouldn’t even be in love with queer women making fun of Grindr, but I guess that’s a bit more allowable, since queer men and women are, for now, stuck together in the unholy alliance that is the LGBTQUIA movement.

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  1. J. Nelson Leith

    One demographic openly ridiculing another is never okay. The deeper question is why people tolerate this: Would any other group get such a pass?

    1. R. H. Kanakia

      They’re not getting a pass. I am calling them out on it. Whenever someone makes an insensitive joke, there are people who laugh and people who protest. I think that’s true with jokes that offend all kinds of groups.