Well…that was crazy.

I don't know how many of you remember this post from the last time I was sick, about how I realized that I shouldn't take cough syrup anymore.

I definitely should've listened to me. Instead, I spent the last two days trying to combat my illness by drinking cough syrup. Which kind of worked, except it also made me feel incredibly weird. I know that "My therapeutic dose of cough syrup got me high" is the kind of thing that you expect to hear from the Ned Flanders in your office who also thinks that D&D leads to satan worship, but I swear, this was a very odd, detached (shall we say 'dissociated?') state that at first was not unpleasant (especially when I combined it with listening to country music), but eventually became very unsettling: time started to pass very slowly, and I was gripped by a profound ennui--the sense that nothing could or would ever be able to interest me. Also, my room started shimmering.

Man, that there DXM (the main ingredient in most cough syrups) is definitely the real stuff. I kind of understand why it's not illegal...it's not really that fun. I bet bad experiences with cough syrup have kept more kids off of drugs than any number of DARE ads.

Anyway, I stopped taking the cough syrup and the feeling eventually went away. I might still be sick, though. I'm not sure.