I do not like getting thrown off my routine

Had a lot of fun in Orlando, but also felt like I suffered massive setbacks in terms of my personal routines for writing, blogging, dieting, exercise, reading, etc. Perhaps to be expected, after having a phenomenally productive January. However, given that I already have one more trip coming up in February (to the Association of Writing Programs Conference at the end of the month), I wish that I had some better systems in place for maintaining productivity while being on the go. In this case, though, I knew that everything would be shot to hell by the trip, so I was careful to travel in a sane (i.e. not sleep-destroying) manner and to be extra-productive at the beginning of last weeks. Perhaps the real ticket is to just have reasonable expectations.

Anyway, right now I really do not feel like writing anything new, so, since I have already written my first workshop story for this semester, I am taking a little detour into revisions on my popstar novel (which I have tentatively entitled The Comeback). It’s a sweet and very well-structured novel. I like it alot, even as I wonder where it actually came from. The novel feels so remote from everything that I care about. Nonetheless, I think it came out pretty well. My plan is to polish up this draft and ship it off to my agent by sometime in mid-March? Then do further revisions on it this summer. We’ll see.


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  1. thewriterscafe247

    I hate things messing with my routine! Unfortunately I am easily distracted so in order to write I need to be able to devote 100% of my attention to my writing. The routine I have in place now allows me time where I can shut myself in a room void of all distractions so when things mess with my habit I get upset.

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