What blogs should I subscribe to?

I've decided to start actually reading my feeds again. This entailed logging into Feedly and deleting all the RSS feeds that I don't read and am not excited about. However, I also want to find some new stuff to follow. What blogs should I follow. I am primarily interested in blogs about five kinds of blogs:

  • Books -- reviews, insightful literary analysis...basically anyone who has something new and interesting to say
  • Authors -- Again, blogs that are a bit deeper and more insightful than the ordinary author blogs (for example, I really like Kameron Hurley and Justine Larbalastier's sites).
  • Publishing - I don't really follow any blogs like this, but would be down for something about the publishing industry
  • Lifestyle -- Things that are like Raptitude but maybe not as corny as Raptitude?
  •  You - I'd like to be in conversation with my readers. So if you read this blog and publish interesting stuff, then I want the link to your site.


  1. Niall says:

    Book blogs: Abigail Nussbaum’s Asking the Wrong Questions (surely you read this already), Martin Lewis’s Everything is Nice, Nic and Victoria at Eve’s Alexandria, Ethan Robinson’s Marooned Off Vesta, Matt Hilliard’s Yet There Are Statues, Aishwarya Subramanian’s Practically Marzipan. Authors, the main one I’d mention is Nina Allan.

    1. Asking The Wrong Questions is amazing. And when she became SH’s book reviews editor, that was a match made in heaven. I will definitely add the rest of these.

  2. WHM says:

    Other than what’s already been mentioned, I’m a fan of The King of Elfland’s Second Cousin by Chris Gerwel: http://elflands2ndcousin.com/

    Chris focuses less on individual works and more on genre intersections and topics that are about the field of literature (especially SF&F) as a whole. Sadly, he hasn’t update in a while (I believe he’s been busy with his day job), but the archives are worth perusing.

  3. How do you define “deeper and more insightful”?

    1. Less full of the usual banalities: “Should I self-publish?”; “Stories should show and not tell”; “Here’s the cover of my latest book!”

      More full of information I haven’t seen before.

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