Start of the winter break malaise

I’ve gotten pretty good at structuring my own time, so much so that it often takes very little effort to do fairly substantial amounts of work in a given day. Because of that, it often takes me by surprise when something shifts inside me and I suddenly have to start trying to work. This last weekend was definitely one of those times. On Saturday I did nothing, and on Sunday, I had to scramble to work. It’s probably all just a temporary slackening caused by finishing the novel. However, I would prefer to be like Anthony Trollope. If he finished a novel before he’d completed his day’s quota of pages, he’d just start work on the next one. He wouldn’t even forgive himself an hour or two! That’s dedication.

I’m not a naturally productive person. I know that because I spent years upon years being very unproductive. My productivity is a habit. At this point, it’s become a very strong habit. But habit can only take you so far. Sometimes you need to tough things out.

Anyway, I was very productive during last year’s winter break, and I hope that this one will be no exception. School doesn’t start again until January 27th!

Yeah, seven whole weeks off.

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