Wrap-up season begins!!!

Hi blog readers,

It’s time for the most self-indulgent month of the year–the time when I summarize, analyze, and opine upon all that I’ve been up to this year. I think it is not impossible that this will be the largest and most comprehensive wrap-up season of all!

Generally, I begin by talking about all the books I’ve read this year: the ones I expected to like (and did), the ones I didn’t expect to like (and did), the ones about which I had mixed opinions, and the ones that were baaaaaaaad. I’ll also talk about whatever reading initiatives I did. This year there were three! I had stints where I read modernist novels, YA novels, and German literature. It’s possible that right now I am in the midst of a fourth.

Then I’ll talk about my writing and, maybe, about some personal stuff.

Links to previous wrap-up seasons are below:

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