A conversation I have had several times in the last week (Baltimore is kind of a small town)

When you stop going to AA meetings, it can be a little awkward. Because then you feel compelled to have the following conversation:

Speaker What is said What is meant
Me: “Hey, how’s it going?” “Look, I’m not ashamed to come up and talk to you. That’s because I haven’t started drinking.”
Him: “Oh, what’s up? How’ve you been?” “Have you started drinking again?”
Me: “Oh, doing pretty good. Been in DC a lot.” “The reason I haven’t been going to meetings is because I haven’t been around! Not because I’ve been drinking!”
Him: “Great. Hope you’ve been having a good time…” “…a good time drinking!”
Me: “Welp, I’ll see you again soon.” “No, dude. I definitely have not been drinking.”
Him: “Yeah, you too. Hey, it was good to see you. Stay in touch.” “…call me when you want to stop drinking!”

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