I think I’m going to start acquiring some hobbies

Bonsai2012Ever since I stopped playing video / computer games and substantially reduced my TV-watching, I’ve felt the hobby gap. I mean, reading and writing are good, but they take a lot of mental and emotional energy. You can’t do them when you’re tired or want to zone out. That’s why I’ve been asking people about possible hobbies. I decided that my hobby needed to have the following qualities:

  • Intriguing to other people
  • Somewhat hip
  • Inexpensive
  • Not too time-consuming
  • Possible to achieve results at even a low level of effort and skill

These categories eliminate a lot of possibilities. For instance, golf is both expensive and requires you to be somewhat good. Knitting is not (to my mind) very hip. Cooking is too time-consuming. Someone mentioned decoupage, which I’d never heard of, but that also seemed super unhip. Buying/reselling things on eBay or in thrift stores was also mentioned, but that seems to require too much effort / skill before you achieve results. Gardening is too time-consuming, etc.

However, I knew that the perfect solution was out there. And when it finally came up, it was something very unexpected. Someone suggested that I start cultivating bonsai trees (for those not in the know, bonsai is basically when you mess with a tree’s growth in such a manner that it stays super miniature and you can keep it in a pot). And I am super in love with this idea.

For one thing, my grandfather cultivated a bonsai tree for years upon years. So that right there is a connection. It doesn’t seem very time-consuming. It’s very intriguing. Etc. Etc.

I’ll probably never do it. But I am very in love with the idea of doing it.

(Other suggestions I liked: astrology, tarot, tea connoisseurship)

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  1. eschmidtpabonsai

    Doing bonsai is extremely time consuming and requires a ton of patience (if done properly). More so than gardening. Not trying to discourage you but just trying to inform you.

    1. R. H. Kanakia

      Curses! That’s not at all what I wanted to hear!

      1. eschmidtpabonsai

        Sorry to be the bearer of bad news 🙁 but I figured it would probably be best to know before you committed any time or money into it.

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