Stories of mine that’ve recently appeared

Selling stories is really, really exciting, because it happens so abruptly and so unexpectedly. Seeing the stories in print is a bit of a different process, since it happens in so many stages. There are contracts and galleys and waiting for contributor copies and remembering to deposit the check and seeing reviews on the internet. It all happens over the course of like a year, which is why I often forget to mention when a story has actually come out. However, I thought I’d just put in a Friday post giving a roundup of all my recent appearances.

With the release of We See A Different Frontier: A Postcolonial Speculative Fiction Anthology, I’ve now been in…like…a bunch of print anthologies. Maybe like five? Or even six? I don’t know. I don’t think I have all of them. I am terrible about chasing down my contributor copies. If you were to buy this story, you’d see a story that I wrote a looooong time ago! Like three years ago! I’m never good at providing teasers for my short stories, but this one is about a family, the son and grandson of an Indian-American farmer in the Central Valley, who return to their homestead and have to face up to the ways they might be complicit in the decline of this drought-stricken community. 

I also had a story up on Daily Science Fiction. “The Ships Who Stir Upon The Shore” is one of two stories I’ve written that were based on the plays of Euripides. More specifically, this one was inspired by “The Trojan Woman.” In fact, the working title all throughout its composition was “The Tulsan Women”. But that felt a bit too comic for the story. And also there’s only one Tulsan woman in it. Anyway, you’ll notice that in this story I (pretty much) maintained Aristotelian unity of time, place, and action. 

I keep remembering more that I haven’t mentioned. My Diverse Energies story “Next Door” was reprinted in Wilde Stories 2013: The Year’s Best Gay Speculative FictionMy first reprint and first “Best of” type story. 

Another Kickstarter anthology, Futuredaze: An Anthology of YA Science Fiction, also came out (though I know that was months upon months ago, since I remember talking about it with the editor, Erin Underwood, at AWP in March). I really like my story in this one. It’s a dreamy story about some evacuees who explore a mildly radioactive city. Also there’s a lottery that grants wishes. Not sure why that’s in there. But it all ties together eventually!

Moving on, I also recently got my contributor copies of Realms: Year Three, which is an anthology of all the stories that appeared in Clarkesworld in 2012. My story “What Everyone Remembers” is in it, of course.

And finally, Nameless Magazine came out with its second issue, which contains my story “Man-Eater.” It’s about a village of Indian people who decide to kill a murderous tiger, but then some darn bleeding heart NGO types come in and try to stop them (because tigers are endangered). Also, the tiger talks and can use a helicopter. Be careful with that link: Nameless Magazine has the most hideous website that you could possibly imagine, and there is a nonzero chance that the clashing colors could actually damage your eyes.


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